FPT Fuel Pool Tool
FPT Fuel Pool Tool

FPT Series

For the first time in a Continuous Real Time monitor the Model FPT-H3 solves this problem by continuous monitoring of the spent fuel pool water and air space using Tritium and optional Alpha Beta and Gamma detectors. The information from these detectors is analyzed and displayed in units of picoCuries per liter. The calculations are updated every 2 minutes every hour and every day. The longer update times correspond with greater precision and increased sensitivity. Please see attached chart of measurements.

Using TA/OTC Tried and True sample collection and measurement technology these detectors measure Alpha Beta and Gamma from any radioactive liquids. Measurements of radiation concentration and total discharge are logged 24 hours/day 7 days/week.

Description: The FPT-H3 is a multi-detector for real-time continuous monitoring of Tritium in fuel pool water and in the fuel pool building breathing zone air. A built-in microprocessor controller with color LCD display user friendly housing for maintenance and decontamination pre-amp plug-in modules allow for function modification and a wide range of pump capacities create a system designed for new requirements and site specific needs.

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