Sea Water MonitorContinuous Real-Time. Digital. Installed. Continuous. Multidetector system for Alpha, Beta, and Gamma in sea water. Multichannel Analyzer (MCA). Monitor liquid effluent around sea water cooled nuclear power plants and desalination plants. Local and remote alarming, readout and monitoring. Data archive/retrieval. Computer interface. UV Lamp: Used on inlet as an algaecide. Optional Ozone System. Optional Tritium detection.

For the first time in a Continuous Real-Time monitor the Model NEXGEN-SEA solves this problem by continuously monitoring the water using Alpha Beta and Gamma detectors with an OPTIONAL Tritium detector available. The information from these detectors is analyzed and displayed in units of picoCuries per liter. The calculations are updated every 2 minutes every hour and every day. The longer update times correspond with greater precision and increased sensitivity. Sensitivities in the daily updates each meet or exceed the DHS protective Action Guideline Levels.

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