Model NPP-H2O

is a multi detector water monitor /controller for simultaneous measuring of Alpha Beta and Gamma-emitting radio nuclides. The electronics are microprocessor with color LCD display. The pre-amps are plug in modules allowing quick change addition of functions and rapid repair in the field.

The modular system is covered by TA's unique exchange warranty system in addition to the full one year warranty. On-site warrantees available in many areas.

Detector shields are made of lead encased in welded housing for long useful life and easy decontamination. The Alpha and Beta flow cells are easily changed via disconnect fittings. The Gamma Spec shield can be opened for cleaning with little effort. All connections are sealed against leaks. The standard water moving system is based on a high precision pump with a 10 liter per minute capacity.

A wide range of pump capacities are available to meet user’s specific needs. The entire system is mounted in a wheeled self-contained rugged cabinet. The NPP-H2O comes complete with all cabling tubing and connectors in place and is ready to operate. 115 Volt 60Hz is standard 220 Volt 50/60 Hz is optional.

System Has Three Principal Detectors:

1. Alpha Detectors: A special plastic Alpha scintillator that consists of a light-tight detector assembly interfaces with the sample via quick disconnect coax cables and medical grade hoses. A matched pair of 5" diameter photo-multiplier tubes display the sample.
2. Beta Scintillation Detectors: Sensitive area: 1,100cm2
3. Gamma Detectors: Choice of NaI (Tl) Scintillation or HPGe Solid State

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