Radiation in Water - A Real Risk

By Penelope Randall
Environmental Specialist, US Nuclear

Reposted with permission from US Nuclear Corp

Radiation in Water - A Real Risk

The question when introducing US Nuclear Corp’s real-time continuous water monitors to municipal water utilities is, ‘why do we need an instrument like this? We don’t have radiation in our drinking water or waste water.’

Our question is how do you know if you don’t monitor the water. Typical monitoring is 4 times a year per EPA’s Clean Water Act.  A water sample is pulled and sent to a lab for testing. Not a very timely or cost-effective method.

Naturally occurring radiation is continuously leaking into our groundwater.  Whether water supplies are from surface water, rivers, reservoirs and lakes or groundwater, risk of radiation contamination, either deliberately or by accident, and the subsequent contamination of the population and of the infrastructure is very real today and increases as our technology advances.

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